Trust How You Process

By Brett Asher, Head Coach, Adrian College  @Adrian_W_Lax In the mid-2010’s, the fan base of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers adopted the slogan “Trust the Process” as their team built for the future. The popularity of that phrase has led to it being adopted by numerous teams across all levels and sports. While “The Process” may… Read More Trust How You Process

Thanks Mom

By Anne Moelk, Head Coach, DePauw University  @DePauwWLax It was my tenth time attending the women’s lacrosse coaches’ convention in 2019. It was also my first in over 10 years. My journey coaching this wonderful sport has brought me full circle and I am excited to share a few thoughts about what happened along the… Read More Thanks Mom

What I Told My Team

By Michele Dombrowski, Head Coach, Sewanee: University of the South  @SewaneeWLax I was a four-sport athlete for my freshman and senior years of college. When my field hockey season ended, in strokes, during a snowstorm in the National Tournament, I cried. When my basketball season ended with (if my memory is correct) a blow-out loss… Read More What I Told My Team

My Story

By Pamella Jenkins, Head Coach, Delaware State University  @DSUlax I remember the first time I held a lacrosse stick and I was instantly in love. Lacrosse combined all the things that I loved about basketball and it allowed me to use my athleticism in a great way. From my years of recruiting, that instant love… Read More My Story

What’s the Difference?

By Bill Olin, Associate Head Coach, Cornell University  @CornellWLax When people learn about my past life as a Division III head coach of men’s lacrosse at Capital University (Columbus, Ohio), it is usually followed up with some variation of one question: What’s the difference between coaching men and women? My typical answer is that, while… Read More What’s the Difference?

The Tone Has Changed in Coaching – We Should Too

By Ashley O’Brien, Head Coach, Buffalo State College  @BuffStateWLax As we move forward into each subsequent generation, things inevitably shift and change. With each new year we must continually adjust. This ability to adapt and evolve is what makes us good mentors and of course, good coaches. As I sit here waxing philosophical about our… Read More The Tone Has Changed in Coaching – We Should Too

The Gift We Are Given – To Lead and Teach and Grow with our Athletes

By Sarah Kellner, Head Coach, Regis University  @RUWomensLax Talk to them and listen. I’ve learned more than I’ve taught and one of the greatest things is I now listen much more than I preach. They have the answers. They are intrinsically motivated, they have sharp minds, creative ideas, and hearts filled with goodness and grace.… Read More The Gift We Are Given – To Lead and Teach and Grow with our Athletes