Open to Change

By Emily Bitka, Assistant Coach, Stevens Institute of Technology  @stevenswlax The definition of change is “to make the form, nature, content, future etc. of something different from what it is/was,” and WOAH, has 2020 been the year of change! If 2020 has taught me anything, it has been the ability to open my mind up… Read More Open to Change

When Plans Go Wrong

By Erica Brown, Head Coach, Tiffin University  @Dragon_Lacrosse As coaches, we cannot control everything no matter how hard we try. We are planners; from practices, to film breakdowns, to scouting reports, to game plans, away trips, recruiting classes, gear orders. Everything is planned down to the year, month, minute and second. What happens when all… Read More When Plans Go Wrong

Growing Confidence

By Cindy Wilson, Head Coach, Millersville University  @VilleMauauders “On your best days you learn confidence. On your worst days you learn persistence. There is always something to learn.” One of my favorite things about sports, and more specifically, about lacrosse is that there is always room to grow and develop. X’s and O’s and wins… Read More Growing Confidence