Growing Confidence

By Cindy Wilson, Head Coach, Millersville University  @VilleMauauders “On your best days you learn confidence. On your worst days you learn persistence. There is always something to learn.” One of my favorite things about sports, and more specifically, about lacrosse is that there is always room to grow and develop. X’s and O’s and wins… Read More Growing Confidence

What is Self Empowerment and Why Your Team Needs It

By Brighde Dougherty, Founder and Coach, FLOW Self Empowerment, @flow_self_empowerment There are many different types of coaches: an athletic coach, a life coach, a wellness coach, a personal coach… the list goes on and on. However the definition of a coach remains the same: a trainer or instructor of others. When I stopped coaching lacrosse… Read More What is Self Empowerment and Why Your Team Needs It

How Did You Do It?

By Kara Reber, Head Coach, Florida Southern College, @FSCWlax The question I have probably been asked the most since we won the National Championship is… how did you do it? Looking back and reflecting on the season and asking a few of our players, we decided that the following conditions are the main reason behind… Read More How Did You Do It?