It’s the Climb

By Alyssa Voccia, Graduate Assistant Coach, Lenoir-Rhyne University  @LRUwlacrosse In life we tend to have a vision of how we want things to go. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple and just when we think we have things figured out, we hit a bump in the road. While it would be nice for things to always… Read More It’s the Climb

Five Ways to Develop Self- Empowered Athletes

By Brighde Dougherty, Founder and Coach, FLOW Self Empowerment  @flow_self_empowerment We are only as good to others as we are to ourselves. Not only is self-care not selfish, it’s paramount to your team’s success. We tend to acknowledge this point in regard to stick skills, tactics, film, exercise, nutrition, sometimes sleep and occasionally relaxation. However,… Read More Five Ways to Develop Self- Empowered Athletes