Dear Sarah Devens

By Sophie Ward, Cornell University ’23,  @CornellWLax Playing a collegiate sport is a wonderful thing. It is rewarding. It stretches you, and helps you grow. It teaches you painful lessons that you might otherwise never learn. It shows you who you are. You experience things that most can only dream of. Some of your best… Read More Dear Sarah Devens

Trust How You Process

By Brett Asher, Head Coach, Adrian College  @Adrian_W_Lax In the mid-2010’s, the fan base of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers adopted the slogan “Trust the Process” as their team built for the future. The popularity of that phrase has led to it being adopted by numerous teams across all levels and sports. While “The Process” may… Read More Trust How You Process

What I Told My Team

By Michele Dombrowski, Head Coach, Sewanee: University of the South  @SewaneeWLax I was a four-sport athlete for my freshman and senior years of college. When my field hockey season ended, in strokes, during a snowstorm in the National Tournament, I cried. When my basketball season ended with (if my memory is correct) a blow-out loss… Read More What I Told My Team