The IMPACT of Allie

By MK Geratowski, Head Coach, Randolph-Macon College @RMC_wlax When I took over as the head coach at Randolph-Macon College five years ago I had seen the impact that programs like Friends of Jaclyn and Team IMPACT could have on the life of a child when connecting them to a college sports team. I knew how… Read More The IMPACT of Allie

How Lucky Are We?

By Jordan Christopher, Assistant Coach, Quinnipiac University @QU_WLAX “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” This quote is one that I have referenced many times as both a lacrosse player and now as a coach. Throughout my life, people have often said to me “you are so lucky,” when talking about both my playing… Read More How Lucky Are We?

Lacrosse EQ

By Lyndsey Boswell, Head Coach, High Point University  @hpuwlax Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is our ability to identify what we are feeling, why we are feeling it, how our feelings affect our physical performance and of those around us. The ability to actively change emotions during competition presents a significant competitive advantage. I have a team and coaching staff that… Read More Lacrosse EQ