The Gift We Are Given – To Lead and Teach and Grow with our Athletes

By Sarah Kellner, Head Coach, Regis University  @RUWomensLax

Talk to them and listen.

I’ve learned more than I’ve taught and one of the greatest things is I now listen much more than I preach. They have the answers. They are intrinsically motivated, they have sharp minds, creative ideas, and hearts filled with goodness and grace. LISTEN and help guide the individuals as much as the group as a whole. Try not to over influence, try to show compassion.

                 Photo courtesy of Regis Athletics.

We can be the grace they need, the shoulder or ear. When they are ready and they’ve shown you who they are and how they are wired, then you can gently help them find their way. No more yelling, demeaning, self-ego-boosting put downs.

Show them love. These people will go impact the world to be good and your reach can be beyond the field or the locker room. Their goodness will continue to shine and spread with their peers, future coworkers, spouses, and their children. They all want to be happy, safe, and to enjoy the ride. Our job is to create a space of comfort, trust, and to grow their self-confidence. The light is within them. Each and every one of them. Our job is to give them a space where a few hours a day, they let go, run, sweat, compete, and learn to love the process of growing as not just an athlete, but as a person – to find the joy and appreciate the process of growth and change in their mind and spirit.

The gift is them and you are theirs. Be careful with your words, be careful with their hearts.


One thought on “The Gift We Are Given – To Lead and Teach and Grow with our Athletes

  1. Best COACH ever!
    Regular Season:20-0 last year.
    Went to Final Four last two years!
    This is their year to win the NCAA tournament!
    Best group of Ladies Laxers ready to achieve their individual and team goals.
    May God Bless Daisy!


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