Three Questions for Gothard Lane

[Editor’s Note: From time to time we will feature a short Q&A with an IWLCA staff member. The format will be one question about lacrosse, one question about life, and one fun question.]

1 – What is the most significant change in women’s lacrosse that you’ve witnessed over the past decade, and what made that change so significant?

Gothard Lane (center) and the 2019 Board of Directors.

The increased pressure from the many external sources (parents, administrators etc.) that surround a program. Whether it has to do with an unrealistic definition of success or the expectation that a coach should be held responsible for their players’ personal or social behavior whether off the field or off campus.

2 – What is the ONE thing that you want every collegiate women’s lacrosse coach to understand about their role in the lives of their student-athletes?

That it is all about the student-athlete. You have your players for a very short period of time, but the lessons that you teach them about hard work and overcoming adversity will help them with the challenges that they will experience after lacrosse.

3 – If you were at an IWLCA Annual Meeting and got stuck in the elevator with a few coaches (current or retired), who would you want to get stuck with and what would you talk about while waiting to be rescued?

Chris Sailer and whatever she would like to talk about. She is incredibility smart and when she speaks, I stop talking and listen. Next, would be Cindy Timchal because she knows how to win. Period and full stop. And lastly, Jessica Wilk, because I don’t know a better person than her.


Gothard Lane was hired by the IWLCA to serve as Executive Director in September of 2007 and has led the IWLCA through a period of transformative growth. He was instrumental in creating a series of IWLCA Recruiting Tournaments and in fostering partnerships that have promoted the growth of the game, most notably the IWLCA’s leadership gift to US Lacrosse. He announced his retirement, effective December 31, 2019, earlier this fall. READ MORE

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