The Top 10 Things I Like About Summer Recruiting

By Julie Duffy, Head Coach, Merrimack College  @MerrimackWLAX

10) The parents, oh the parents! From the comments made on the sidelines to the officials and players, to the stare down of what it says on our t-shirts. The laughs become endless. “Did you hear #12’s dad during the last game? He was going crazy!”

     Photo courtesy of Merrimack Athletics.

9) Being able to rock my bucket hat and not care that I look like a total fool, because I’m at least the fool that won’t have a sunburn!

8) Mid-day packed full tents because the coaches can’t handle the sun and heat anymore. Trying to have the internal debate with yourself of is it less hot under the tent with all of those coaches in there than it is out on the turf in Richmond??

7) The flavored tootsie rolls in the IWLCA tents… they literally get me through the hump of the day!

6) Did someone say Panera for lunch… again, for the 5th tournament in a row?!?! Thanks for feeding us Gothard and Corrigan!

5) Those air conditioned “coaches only” port-a-potty’s that keep my germ issues at bay and give you that much needed quick break from the heat… The running water is key!

4) Layers, upon layers, of sunscreen that we have to put on to keep that good-looking physique for the rest of our lives. No Magda’s from “There Something About Mary” in the women’s lacrosse world!

3) My step count at the end of the day. Who needs Orange Theory Fitness when it’s recruiting season? 9 miles by the end of the day… no big deal!

2) Playing the game of “where do I put my iPad” to protect it from the elements. Backpack typically does it for the rain, still trying to find the spot to protect it from overheating! Then the scramble of what do I do without Coach Packet when my iPad overheats! Or what do I do when Coach Packet stops working!! Lots of visits to the coaches’ tent to talk to our favorite people from Front Rush!

1) Catching up with old friends. This is a great world to be part of and recruiting season is a great time to see old and new friends and reconnect with everyone!

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