When Plans Go Wrong

By Erica Brown, Head Coach, Tiffin University  @Dragon_Lacrosse As coaches, we cannot control everything no matter how hard we try. We are planners; from practices, to film breakdowns, to scouting reports, to game plans, away trips, recruiting classes, gear orders. Everything is planned down to the year, month, minute and second. What happens when all… Read More When Plans Go Wrong

What Does It Mean to Be “Mentally Tough?”

By Monica Potter, Head Coach, Colorado State University-Pueblo  @CSUP_WLAX As coaches, we throw the word “mental toughness” around on the daily. “We lost the game because we just weren’t mentally tough!” “The players today just aren’t as mentally tough as when I played or started in coaching!” “These kids just need to be mentally tough!”… Read More What Does It Mean to Be “Mentally Tough?”

Beyond The Field

By Ginny Martino, Head Coach, West Chester University @WCUAthletics No amount of coaching experience, game film, online modules, championships or awards can prepare you for that moment. Sitting alongside thirty of your talented athletes in a stuffy overcrowded church, as they watch through tear filled eyes, their friend being laid to rest. Looking up to… Read More Beyond The Field