Live the Moment for the Moment

By Maddie Coleman, Assistant Coach, Denison University  @Denison_W_Lax


“Live the Moment for the Moment.” – Michael Jordan


“Hi, hey you, HELLO. Please stop looking down at your phone and look at me!”

This is an all too regular conversation we have amongst each other, or within our own head, these days when conversing face to face with someone else. Our ever-expanding globalized society and technological advancements have kept us far too attached to our phones, especially the younger generations. Nevertheless, we are all guilty of it, myself included. So, why are we checking our phones so often? And are we missing out on anything when looking down?  Well, the Instagram stories should be gauged, the Snapchat of drinking a morning coffee in my cute cup is essential, and I must check the daily update of my favorite inspirational VSCO pages…oh you all know – don’t play.

     Photo courtesy of Denison Athletics

None of these social media checks is a must in our day and life will keep going if this does not happen regularly. While technology and smartphones have a place in today’s world, we should not underestimate the power to “live the moment, for the moment,” quoting the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Because of the desire for constant “connectivity,” while there are truly positive outcomes, a stress is being placed on our teams, our higher education institutions, and on how we cultivate and preserve strong relationships.

I believe the challenge to stay in the moment continues to be more difficult for the young generation as they grow up with smartphones and social media platforms. I’m not far off from this generation but I do remember dial-up internet, having to call my friends on their house phones, and playing outside for hours with no blue light in sight. There were no distractions like text messages, alerts from apps, or the constant need to compare my life with those on social media. Unfortunately, this happens too often and so we are seeing difficulty in coping with adverse situations, a rise in anxiety issues, and a lack of ability to focus on one moment or one task at a time.

This 2019 season let’s dare each other to put the phone down and put effort into the special moments we have on our teams and in our lives. Continue to capture photos and videos, but I dare you to then put the phone down and exist in the present moment. If not, the truth is there will be a time in your life when you look back and realize you should have given more attention and been more involved in what was going on right in front of you. Be engaged with others on team road trips, energize yourself with the pump-up song playing in the locker room, and become friends with a new teammate and learn what makes them tick.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big proponent of FaceTiming with my family and friends, including thinking my sister’s new puppy recognizes who I am. I enjoy keeping up snap streaks with buddies, and I like Instagramming adventures. I love all of this, but when we are around people who can positively influence our lives or in focused moments during practice and games you should be 100% in that moment. These are moments we will not get back because time does not have a rewind app.

And here’s the secret catch… you know what is going to matter in five, ten, or 15 years? These moments! As we get older all we will have is memories of these moments and most importantly how they made us feel. There is such great opportunity on any team to create and embrace these special moments, allowing them to truly enrich your future self and help make you and those around you better. So, let’s all try to put the phone down more, take a deep breath in and out, and appreciate the moment.

Best of luck to all teams this season. 2019 is sure to have some incredible moments to live.

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