Five Tips for Increasing Your Program’s Exposure on Social Media

By Miles McQuiggan, Asst. Dir. of Athletic Communications, Stony Brook University, @MilesMcQuiggan

Social media has become an essential part of promoting a college athletics program. The ability to reach recruits, donors, ticket buyers and other target audiences is increasing every season, and with that comes the naturally competitive element. I’m sure some of you reading this have seen a post on social media and shown it to a fellow member of your coaching staff, your SID or another staff member and wondered, “how can we do this?”

            Photo courtesy of the author.

Certain projects take time, enhanced video editing or graphic design skills, and a lot of patience that we may not all have. That being said, there is endless, simple content that anyone can produce with the technology and training almost all of us have in 2017. Here are five tips that will help you increase your program’s exposure on social media no matter your division, staff size or budget:

  1. Produce Consistent, Quality Content

There’s plenty to post on game day, but how can you get your program out there on a day when there’s not a lot going on? Something as simple as a creative drill can lead to interest on social media.

  1. Use that HD Videocamera in the Palm of Your Hand

95% of what I shoot for our social media accounts is done from my iPhone. It’s practical and high-quality. The interview was cut up quickly postgame in iMovie, but if you don’t mind hearing the sound of your own voice asking the questions, you can make it work without any editing.

  1. Quality Photos Still Rule on Instagram

When Coach Spallina won his 100th game at Stony Brook, I had a graphic ready for social media. I used it for Twitter, but for Instagram, I knew this photo was the answer. Not everything needs to be a graphic – your fans are going to relate more to a photo that shows emotion.

  1. Go Behind the Scenes 

Coaches have behind-the-scenes access that even your SID doesn’t. Thanks to our director of operations Claire Petersen, we were able to provide more of the locker room speeches and celebrations this season. Let your fans and recruits see the personality of your program. 

  1. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

I’m very lucky at Stony Brook to have a coaching staff and boss that allow me some creative freedom with our accounts – like jokingly calling out our beat writer for missing the conference title game. Social media, like lacrosse, should be fun. When the personality of your social media matches the personality of your program, it’s going to resonate with your student-athletes and fans.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to tweet at me @MilesMcQuiggan. I greatly enjoy using social media and the technology afforded to me to help grow the game, and I hope these tips will help you in doing the same.

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