Holiday Wishes from the IWLCA

As we inch ever closer to the end of 2016, we wanted to share some of our Holiday Wishes with the greater lacrosse community. This has been a remarkable year for our sport, and we are hopeful that what’s in store for 2017 will be even more exciting.


Team USA – We wish the players, coaches, and staff of the USA Women’s National Team good health, good weather, and good luck as they travel to England to defend their 2013 FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup Championship. And we offer a special shout out to all of the IWLCA coaches (too numerous to mention) who are competing for their countries this summer either as players or coaches. We are proud of you!

United Women’s Lacrosse League – We wish the UWLX a summer filled with even more spectators & sponsors in your second season. Your commitment to and realization of a sustainable sports model for women is impressive. We enjoyed watching your amazing athletes continue their careers on a new stage and we loved seeing all the young fans emulate your role models!

Lax Sports Network – We wish our friends at LSN continued success covering the women’s game and expanding their network and subscriber base. We enjoyed watching the first season of “Fast Break: IWLCA College Lacrosse Weekly” and can’t wait to see how you will cover our sport in your programming this year!

Inside Lacrosse Women – We wish the staff of ILW continued success covering the women’s game. We love reading your game and tournament previews, seeing your pictures, listening to your podcasts, and debating your weekly poll! We would be remiss if we didn’t wish a little something extra for Women’s Editor Halley Quillinan, whose decision to reprint entries from Behind The Whistle has expanded our audience and our exposure.

The Courage Games – We wish all the participants in this venture continued support and acceptance both on and off the field. We hope 2017 brings greater awareness and broader coverage of your mission to promote education and prevent bullying.

Corrigan Sport Enterprises – We wish CSE picture-perfect weather for the IWLCA Recruiting Series Tournaments, with no tent-swirling windstorms, lightning delays or game cancellations. Your hard work and commitment to providing the best tournament experience for players, parents and coaches will continue to boost the growth of our game.

US Lacrosse – We wish USL a long and happy residency in their new national headquarters. We hope the new environment motivates you to continue leading the charge to grow our sport and enrich the experience of the sport’s participants.

Front Rush/Coach Packet – We wish the crew at Front Rush the infinite amount of patience they need to deal with technologically challenged lacrosse coaches, as well as strong cell signals for the mobile hotspots they provide for us in the coaches’ tents, and an endless supply of the zipper baggies that make them everyone’s heroes when the raindrops arrive.

The Unicode Consortium – We wish you the wisdom necessary to recognize the deep-seated emotional NEED for a lacrosse emoji. The work done by Nicole Bohorad, Sarah Aschenbach, Steve Stenersen, and Mike Freudiger on the Lacrosse Stick and Ball Emoji Submission was extensively researched and well-written, making an undeniable case for the inclusion of a lacrosse emoji in Unicode 11.0.

Krossover, TeamXStream, Gamebreaker and Hudl – We wish the technology giants in our industry the insight and ingenuity to continue to provide their important and accessible teaching tools. This cutting edge video technology makes a coaching staff more efficient and player more effective.

LaxPower – We wish the team at LP a turbo-boosted calculator for figuring out the Power Ratings every single week, all season long. Most of us don’t understand the statistics that go into the rankings, but we sure do appreciate the end result. LaxPower is our first Monday morning destination!

NCAA Division I Council – We wish the members of the Council the courage and vision needed to restore some sanity to the lacrosse recruiting process by passing our lacrosse proposal designating September 1st junior year as the date ALL recruiting contact begins. The proposal has received an overwhelming amount of support from all corners of the lacrosse community – players, prospects, parents, club and high school coaches, program administrators, US Lacrosse, the IWLCA and the IMLCA – and it has the potential to positively impact the recruiting experience for thousands of kids every year.

Our IWLCA Member Coaches – We wish you all a successful 2017 season filled with healthy players, lucky bounces, beautiful game day weather, good-natured officials, pumped-up fans, safe and timely buses and planes, delicious tailgate treats, and a miracle solution to turf balls in your shoes. Love the game and all the ways it fills your life!

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