What We Are Most Grateful For

As the 2016 Holiday season gets into full swing, we wanted to take an opportunity to reflect upon the things we are most grateful for. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than allowing some of our member coaches to share what they are grateful for this year? Read on to see what they had to say, and please feel free to share what you are most grateful for by leaving a reply at the bottom of this post.


Missy Doherty, Head Coach,
Penn State University

I am grateful for a team of goofy, fun, hardworking women who will one day be the future leaders of whatever profession they choose. I am grateful that most times they hear what I mean, and do not listen to what I say! I am grateful I get to start 2017 surrounded by amazing people including the ones I work with and the people I live with. I am grateful that every day I can pick out plenty of reasons why I’m lucky to do what I do, live where I live, and be surrounded by the most amazing people.

Dana Dobbie, Assistant Coach, Loyola University Maryland

This year, I am grateful for so many incredible things: Becoming an aunt for the first time; I love you Gemma Grace Dobbie! I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent my country in the sport I love most. I’m so grateful for the UWLX league and all the people who made the dream real. I’m grateful for my family, friends and my entire Loyola Lacrosse family, past, present and future, Go Hounds!!!

Julia Decker, Head Coach, Fort Lewis College

This year, I am grateful for my support system. I feel lucky to have so many people in my life who I can lean on, vent to, celebrate with, seek advice from, and who are there to lift me up when I cannot get there myself. I am fortunate to have many supportive people in all aspects of my life. I realize that relationships like these where there is mutual love and respect are what makes life worth living and is a major thing that drives me each day. Much love and many thanks to those who are part of that!!

Rachel Dell, Head Coach, John Carroll University

I am grateful for my dog, Baby. He is a happy and sweet, 70 pound alapaha blue-blood bulldog with a staring problem. My favorite thing about him is that he can always make me laugh at his goofiness.

Forrest Stillwell, Assistant Coach, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

I’m grateful for marrying the love of my life, Shannon Stillwell.

Karen Henning, Head Coach, Colby College

We are so lucky to have the Title IX women’s lacrosse coaches and players who paved the way for so many of us. We are blessed and lucky to have an amazing group of mentors and role models who fought for us to play and coach the sport we love. After the most recent elections I have realized how difficult that road was for so many of them.

Kristin St. Hilaire, Head Coach, Utica College

This year I am grateful for my brand-new baby girl, Camryn Rose, who was born on September 28. My wife and I could not be happier as we begin this new journey. We are so in love and feel so incredibly blessed. This holiday season is a special one for our family to say the least.

Paula Habel, Assistant Coach, Bowdoin College

I’m thankful to be part of such a caring and supportive organization as the IWLCA. There are coaches that are my best friends and some coaches that I only really see at the Annual Meetings and everything in between. I’m thankful they appreciate me and don’t mind visiting Epcot Center, the Magic Kingdom and walking around the Coronado in my elf costume. I hope you all have a great 🦃 (Turkey) day!

Courtney Connor, Head Coach, Arizona State University

This year, I am grateful for my beautiful family, their health and well-being, as well as their willingness to embrace a cross country move. I am thankful for my assistant, Ashley, who has endless energy and an amazing work ethic. I am thrilled to be living in Arizona with an active lifestyle that promotes quality of life for my entire crew. Blessed!

Jen Fallon, Head Coach, University of New Haven

I am grateful for the thrill of anticipation as we approach a new season! Like the feeling you get before a long-awaited vacation, or looking forward to seeing a friend you have missed; a new season holds so much promise and excitement. As a coach, I feel so fortunate to be able to experience this EVERY year. The idea of a new challenge, a fresh start, and achieving set goals serves as motivation for the foreseeable future! I’m grateful I get to share this time with my dedicated student-athletes, who work so hard to prepare for what they always anticipate to be their best year yet! The nervousness, the unknown, the feeling that everything is within your reach if you just work for it—there is truly nothing like it! What a great opportunity to pause, reflect and be grateful for the student-athletes that help make this such an amazing time of year. Their commitment to each other, to our program, and to success is never more evident than it is right now and I am so grateful to have a chance to be part of that!

Nora Boerger, Assistant Coach, Lenoir-Rhyne University

This year I am grateful for many different things. I would have to say that the first thing that comes to mind is the gratitude I have for branching out. As you may remember from a previous blog entry I co-wrote with my twin sister, we have been working together for quite some time. I have now moved to North Carolina and she has moved to Massachusetts. I am grateful for meeting/working with new people and not receiving the constant question, “Are you two twins, or are you two related?” I am also grateful for answering my office phone and no longer receiving the question, “Which one is this?” All jokes aside, I am excited for my new journey and grateful for my new boss Carlee Buck. I am looking forward to a great season. Go Bears!!

Michael Spinner, Head Coach, Pace University

I am genuinely grateful for Pace University, the place I have called home for more than 20 years. It is amazing how life comes full circle. While I will never say I have had it easy, I can think of only two real cross-roads I have hit during nearly 40 years. Both times, it was Pace University that guided me through. When I was a teenager seeking the perfect college, phone call after phone call and visit after visit yielded nothing. That was, until I found Pace University. The academics, the location, the campus, the coach, the community… it was all the perfect fit. I knew the first time I visited Pace University that it was the school for me. Pace University gave me the best four years of my life, and provided me with all the tools to enjoy a fantastic career. A few years ago, I engaged in what many would call a ‘career pivot’ as many of us do when we approach 40, and life found its way into another cross-road. My career could have gone in a few different directions, none of which seemed the right route for me. And then I found out that Pace University was adding Women’s Lacrosse as a varsity sport. Three years later, we have a successful Women’s Lacrosse program… no easy task in the Northeast-10. There is much about my life, and my career as a whole, that I look back upon with tremendous pride. But, beyond my family and friends, I am most grateful for Pace University. When my life needed something special, Pace University was there for me… twice.

Liz Robertshaw, Head Coach, Boston University

As I head into becoming a new mom I’ve had the chance to reflect and something I am truly grateful for is the relationships this game has afforded me. From my former and current players and their families, to my colleagues, many of whom I now call family, the game of lacrosse and my participation in it has created an amazing community that I am very thankful for. The love that is shared amongst the “lacrosse family” is something I am proud to be a part of and something I am so excited to bring a little one into.

Tracy Coyne, Head Coach, George Washington University

I am giving thanks that the best franchise in the NHL… the Pittsburgh Penguins, won the Stanley Cup and that everybody’s favorite baseball team… the Cubs, finally broke the curse.


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