Get Recruited!

By Zoë Smith, Owner, Summit Lacrosse Club @SummitLaxers Devon Wills, Brooke Eubanks, Emi Smith, Molly Hulseman, Colleen Smith. All players who had terrific collegiate careers and are currently coaching at USC, Cal, UC Davis, Michigan, and Yale. They also honed their high school lacrosse skills in Colorado and Illinois. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As the… Read More Get Recruited!

Live for the Challenge

By Colette Freedman, author, screenwriter, playwright, and former assistant women’s lacrosse coach at Colgate University, @ColetteFreedman I live for a good challenge… but that doesn’t mean I’m a competitive brat. I grew up playing sports and, in my household, everything was a competition. We would have five hour games of Risk and Monopoly and… Connect… Read More Live for the Challenge