How Did You Do It?

By Kara Reber, Head Coach, Florida Southern College, @FSCWlax

The question I have probably been asked the most since we won the National Championship is… how did you do it? Looking back and reflecting on the season and asking a few of our players, we decided that the following conditions are the main reason behind our successful season and our victory in May. You may be surprised to see that none of them relate specifically to the hours of training and hard work we put in. Those most certainly helped our team become successful, but as they say… it truly takes a special team to win a National Championship, and that is what we had this year.

Photo courtesy of Florida Southern College.
   Photo courtesy of Florida Southern College.
  1. Our parents were amazing. They supported our players and our program tremendously. They always provided the team with red carpet treatment. They supported our staff and our decisions throughout the year.
  2. Our mid-season loss was a huge turning point. Without that loss, I don’t think we would have gone on to win the National Championship. It gave the team the realization that they did not give their best effort. You cannot play a great game for just 14 minutes and expect to win. This is when the realized they did not want to play any other game with regrets. They came together as a team. Not offense versus defense, but Florida Southern lacrosse versus our opponents.
  3. The players on our team were selfless and were more excited when other members of our team received accolades than when they may have received an award. Our seniors were great leaders and embodied a team first attitude all year.
  4. We didn’t rely on one or two people to get the job done on the field. We relied on every single team member whether they were a starter or not.
  5. The team came out with confidence no matter who they were facing. They bought into the scouting reports and bought into the system we were running this year. They played their game and maintained their high level of play no matter who they faced.

This was a season to remember for so many reasons and will be one that is never forgotten. However, in the past 12 seasons I have been coaching college lacrosse, I have never had a season with nearly zero team conflict. We had a few outside factors that tried to disrupt the season for us, but when it came down to it, our team bonded even more over these issues. When a team cares for each other, believes in each other and is willing to work to make their teammates better, that is when greatness can be achieved. Without the amazing players and parents that contributed to this season, our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would not have been possible.

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