Double Vision on the Sidelines

By Nora Boerger and Emily Boerger, Assistant Coaches, The University of Findlay @ufwlax


Nora: So Em, what’s the best part about coaching for the same program with your twin sister?

Emily: Probably the fact that it makes it easier for our parents to visit us. Since I’m their favorite, now they don’t have to feel bad about not going to visit you since you’re working here at Findlay too. What would you say is the best part of working with me?

Photo Courtesy of University of Findlay Athletics Media Relations
      Photo Courtesy of University of Findlay Athletics Media Relations

Nora: It’s cute that you THINK you’re funny… But I would say definitely the fact that you keep my ego in check and do about 75% of the chores in our apartment. Anyway, let’s get down to business. What is at least one thing you look forward to as you start your day?

Emily: I definitely look forward to the simple fact that I am going to wake up to either fresh coffee or a fresh breakfast. Let’s look at it this way, if I take one kid and make her a stellar attacker, and then Nora takes the same kid and makes her a force to be reckoned with on defense, then we are looking at an All-American midfielder.

Nora: What my twin is trying to say is that we have an All-American type of morning every morning. I do what I can, especially since I am usually the last one out of the door and Emily is always telling me to hurry up or I’ll be left behind. (The joke is on her, I have my own car!) But, in all seriousness, perfection takes a little bit of time people!

Nora: Another good thing about our day is knowing that twin telepathy and gibberish is real.

Emily: No, I do not feel it when Nora gets hit, or stubs her toe. However, the team thinks it’s really cool when we finish each other’s sentences, or say the same thing at the same time. As Nora stated, we also have our own language. Have you ever seen the movie Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler? Kind of like that, but less intense and creepy ha-ha! We know, we know… You wish you had a twin 😉

Emily: In our profession, assistant coaches, for a lack of better words, are always trying to find ways to complement the program in which they work for. We’re always working to bring new ideas, concepts, or drills to the table. With Nora and I, we always complement each other. We never guess what the other one is thinking or trying to accomplish.

Nora: We are our own individuals, but when it comes to coaching, we can seem to be one person. Often times we will see the same thing at the same time. Though she works with the attacking unit and I work with defense, we point things out to each other and challenge each other to become better. We keep each other on our toes, which works out because it’s great for our calf muscles!

Emily: What’s it like playing with your twin since tee-ball and now working together going on year number three you may ask?

Nora: Being beside Emily for this long not only reminds me every day that I’m the better twin and sometimes gets me to think about pulling my hair out, but it also takes me back to the words my dear friend Bruno Mars once said, “Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.”


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