Three Questions for Mike Faith

[Editor’s Note: From time to time we will feature a short Q&A with an IWLCA member coach. The format will be one question about lacrosse, one question about life, and one fun question.]

Q&A with Mike Faith, Head Coach, Franklin & Marshall, @FandMWomensLax

Photo courtesy of Franklin & Marshall Athletic Communications
Photo courtesy of Franklin & Marshall Athletic Communications

1 – Describe the feelings you had when you walked into PPL Park last year to begin warming up for the NCAA semi-finals.

I will never forget the feeling of walking out for pre-game warm up at PPL Park last year. There were hundreds of F&M alumnae, family and friends in the stands, especially in the mezzanine section behind the goal. I had a feeling of pure excitement. I was so excited about the opportunity the team was going to have to showcase their talent. To be honest, I also felt a sense of fulfillment and perhaps relief in knowing we had reached the goal of making the final four. As I stood there, I had to take a deep breath and remind both the team and myself that it was just another game. However, at the same time, we were not just happy to be there.

We were there to win it all. Having the opportunity to be a part of Final Four weekend was one of the best motivators we could ever ask for. Being there once makes you never want to miss out on that weekend again.

2 – What is the one life skill you hope that everyone that has ever played for you learned while on your team?

The one life skill that I hope my current and former players gain is a combination of mental toughness and selflessness. One of my main goals is to instill in my players that they have the ability to go faster, push harder and ultimately get to a place they didn’t think they could. I truly believe this can be achieved through hard work and dedication. Additionally, I think it’s just as important for players on the team to be WE players, not ME players. This often requires the sacrificing of both stats and playing time, as well as knowing and understanding their role. As a coach, I want players to gain an appreciation for committing to the success of the group over the individual.

3 – What is your favorite sports related movie of all time and why?

My favorite sports movie of all time is Field of Dreams. My dad has had such a big impact on my life, both on and off the field. In the movie when Kevin Costner’s character has a catch with his dad, it reminds me of all the times my dad and I had a catch in our yard. I cherished the time we spent together on the field.

4 thoughts on “Three Questions for Mike Faith

  1. Coach Faith is one of the best people I have ever known, and be excels at everything he does. For those who have known Mike for many years, it’s not a question of IF he will win a Championship, it’s a question of how soon. Go Dips!


  2. I have had the great pleasure of being around Mike on and off the field. The term Good People is one you can say in any conversation about Mike. Lets not forget he a great Dad, and Husband.


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