A Day in the Life of a DII Assistant Coach

By Jessica Antelmi, Assistant Coach, Le Moyne College,@LeMoyneWLAX

Beep beep beeeeep. Beep beep beeeeep. It’s 5:45am, time to rise and shine, another day to do something great. I’m up and at ’em, teeth are brushed, bagel in toaster, lunch box, backpack, workout tote are all packed – yes, I am the bag lady – and I’m on my way.

I make the 20 minute commute to Le Moyne, may still be a little sleepy, but excited and ready for the day ahead. I’m greeted by a smile and a Good Morning from Kathy and Justin – they make coming into the office at 6:45 am something I look forward to. After a few minutes of catching up, Kathy asks the big question, “What do we want practice to look like today?”  We touch back to things we’ve done and had success or troubles with earlier in the week, and all contribute to how we envision those two hours spent on field.


AntelmiPhoto courtesy of Le Moyne Sports Information

It’s go time! Energy’s up, we’ve got an up-tempo, hard-working practice plan, and we’re out the door. I start doing a mental check of everything I need for practice as I head out – stick, whistle, watch, stats, extra layers, sunglasses (hopeful). The girls are waiting for us at the double doors, lacing up their cleats and turfs, still trying to shake off the yawns from their late-night school work. Little do they know, I am too.

We tell them the plan, and we make our way to the turf to get this show on the road. We divide and conquer to get everyone warmed up, Justin and I with the goalies, Kathy with the rest of the girls. We make our way through all different drills, adjusting and adapting along the way, building up to 7s and full field play. The two hours fly by, and we’re already into our final 30 minutes. Kathy calls out the teams for our full field scrimmage, and every time I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get the nod to suit up. With a smaller roster, I’ve been staying in great shape this fall season!

Before you know it, the bell tower is ringing 9:00 am and practice is over. We head inside, chatting with the girls on our walk. We part ways as we get inside. We get to our office, and what we all have to say about practice is pouring out of us, and we’re already jotting down things to remember for the following day’s practice.

It’s just about time to start our day in the office, but not before we get a workout in. By the time 10:30 am hits, we’ve done more with our morning than some people will do with their entire day… And I’m already ready for lunch!

The to-do list is on the board, and we’ve been chipping away at it since the beginning of the week. Paperwork, clinics, winter workouts, recruits, equipment, film, even vacuuming the office is on our list. So, we get to work. The remainder of the late morning and early afternoon is spent multitasking through various projects, emails, side conversations, and visitors. Our office is a frequent stop for other coaches, administrators, and friends. I’d like to think it’s because we’re such a fun and enjoyable group to be around, but maybe the bottomless candy jar on our bookshelf has something to do with it, too.

Midafternoon hits, and you can’t help but ask yourself, “Where the heck did the day go?!” Kathy says her “see-you-tomorrow’s” as she calls it a day. Justin and I hang around to finish up the things we’re working on. Once we tie up the loose ends of our office work, the backpacks and textbooks come out.  We’ve got two hours before our graduate classes, and we won’t be wasting a second of it. Fingers are typing, pages are being flipped and just like that, we’re in school mode. Whether it’s today’s assignment or next week’s assignment – usually today’s… – we’re crushing it, and getting it done!

It’s 5:30 pm now – how is it that I’ve already been up for almost 12 hours?! – and I’m scarfing down dinner and heading up the hill to class. I’m studying education, and my professors are great. I get to use a lot of what I learn from class in coaching, and vice versa. I do my best to stay actively engaged for the whole three hours, but the last half hour is always tough, knowing that when I get home at 9:30 pm, I’m still going to have homework to do for tomorrow… And be up again before the sun in the morning.

But all that being said, I’d never trade any of this for the world. Coaching is where my heart is, I love what I do, I love the people I work with – who really have become my family – and even though I groan about it and occasionally print assignments five minutes before the start of class, I’m so grateful to be in a position where I can finish my masters degree, as well. So when my head finally hits my pillow just before midnight, those are some of the things I say thank you for.

A day in the life…

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

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