Will You Accept This CHALLENGE?

If you’re reading this, you are probably involved with, or a fan of, women’s lacrosse. And if you are involved with women’s lacrosse, I am betting that you may be a tad bit competitive. In fact, I am counting on it. Because I have a CHALLENGE for you, and I know anyone that’s even a tiny bit competitive can’t resist a challenge.

So by now, you’ve probably heard all about why women’s sports aren’t on TV:

  • People don’t like to “watch” women’s sports
  • Women don’t support each other by watching women’s sports (in person or on TV)
  • Female athletes aren’t as compelling as their male counterparts

Of course none of those things are true. Women’s sports aren’t on television because television executives have chosen not to air women’s sporting events. Ironically, however, when they do decide to cover women’s sporting events, people watch (anyone remember the Women’s World Cup?).

So have you figured out my CHALLENGE yet? That’s right, I am challenging you to watch the women’s National Team play on Saturday in the Team USA Spring Premiere. It isn’t airing on television, but you can watch it live online. Really, you have no excuse not to watch, because you can watch it at home, in your car, while you’re working, cooking dinner, taking your kids to their game, pretty much anywhere, while doing anything, as long as you have a computer, tablet, or phone available.


US Lacrosse will be live streaming the entire event online, starting with the Women’s National Team facing off against Florida (3:00 pm EST) and Syracuse (5:00 pm EST) on Saturday, and concluding with the Team USA Men playing Denver (11:00 am EST) and the U19 Men playing Team Canada (1:30 pm EST) on Sunday. Use this link to watch: http://www.uslacrosse.org/springpremiere

I am hoping that so many of you accept my CHALLENGE that we crash US Lacrosse’s live streaming servers. Wouldn’t that be an amazing statement about the interest level for women’s sports? So pull out your phone right now if you aren’t already on it. Open your calendar application. Set an alarm to remind you to TUNE IN online at 2:55 pm on SATURDAY. Watch the best women’s lacrosse team in the world as they compete against two of the top collegiate teams in the country. Send a message to the television executives that don’t think there is a market for women’s sports.

If you’re still reading, clearly you are not only a women’s sports fan, but also a lacrosse enthusiast. So please indulge me as I tell you a little bit about the IWLCA member coaches that will be representing Team USA on Saturday:

Head Coach Ricky Fried (Georgetown) leads a staff that includes IWLCA member head coaches Amy Bokker (Stanford), Liz Robertshaw (Boston University), Jess Giglio (Fresno State), and Wendy Stone (Niagara). The team’s defensive unit is bolstered by several IWLCA assistant coaches, including goalkeeper Devon Wills (University of Southern California), and defenders Cookie Carr (Stanford), Becca Block (Florida), and Sloane Serpe (Yale). Running in the midfield areassistant coaches Katie Schwarzmann (Mt. St. Mary’s), Shannon Gilroy (Vanderbilt), and Kelly McPartland (Columbia). The attack unit features seven current assistant coaches: Brooke Griffin (Boston College), Alyssa Murray (Yale), Danielle Etrasco (Army), Michelle Tumolo (Syracuse), Kara Mupo (William & Mary), Becky Lynch (St. Joseph’s), and Alyssa Leonard (University of Southern California). The full roster can be found here.

I can guarantee you that you will not see a better collection of women’s lacrosse players than the ones Coach Fried and his staff have assembled. The competition against Syracuse and Florida should be top notch, and well worth watching. Please rise to the CHALLENGE and watch on Saturday. And share this information with as many people as possible, in as many ways as you can. The more fans the better… and maybe we’ll get enough to make some television executive realize that women’s sports are worth watching and that people will watch if they are smart enough to broadcast them.


3 thoughts on “Will You Accept This CHALLENGE?

  1. Reblogged this on An unwanted W and commented:
    Well as my profile indicates, I am a women’s lacrosse coach. I’m the head coach at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. Football is king here in the heart of Dixie, but I came down here to grow the game and build this program. The task of growing lacrosse at the grassroots is daunting however for women’s sports there’s an even greater issue which is lack of respect. So this is what our women’s lacrosse board is challenging people to do. Go online and check out women’s lacrosse. It’s a fantastic sport, yes I’m bias, but it incorporates so much tactics and strategies from other popular sports like basketball, ice hockey and yes football.

    Lacrosse has played an important role in my healing process because it’s something that has occupied my mind and continues to challenge me to develop and improve. My teams have helped me along this journey and now I want to use this forum to get some of you who are also unfamiliar with the sport to check it out as well.


  2. This challenge I take with pleasure!
    we will overload that streaming for sure as this sport is growing for woman at keeps and bounds!


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