Why Ride?

By Ricky Fried, Head Coach, Georgetown University and USA Senior Women, @HoyasWLax One of my favorite parts of the game of lacrosse is the ride, or transition defense. There are many types of rides, but the ride we use with the USA team is the one that begs the question “why ride?” The high-pressure nature… Read More Why Ride?

A Day in the Life of a DIII Assistant Coach

By Paige Messersmith, Assistant Coach, Dickinson College, @DickinsonWLax [Editor’s Note: The author of this post informed me (after she agreed to WRITE an entry for this blog) that she is “not the greatest writer,” and that she thought she could best convey what her typical day is “in a more visual way.”  Because what she ultimately… Read More A Day in the Life of a DIII Assistant Coach

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the IWLCA Blog. We will officially launch on Wednesday, January 6, 2016. This blog will feature posts from our member coaches, allowing them share their thoughts on a variety of topics they find interesting (recruiting tips, team building ideas, leadership development, coaching philosophies, etc). From time to time we will also feature guest bloggers from the greater… Read More Welcome to our Blog!