Toast Away!

By Carol Cantele, Head Coach, Gettysburg College @GburgWlax “You can’t be an achiever if you are constantly toasting your past.” – Mike Krzyzewski Funny how things come to you, isn’t it? Last week I spent considerable time reading, watching and listening to various communications on the subject of leadership, engagement and culture in preparation for a… Read More Toast Away!

What is Lacrosse?

By Emilia Ward, Head Coach, Northern Michigan University  @nmuwlax   I’m sure any coach who has started a program either at the youth, high school, or college level in a non-traditional area has experienced being asked the question, “tell us a little bit about lacrosse, we have never really seen it.” For me, this is… Read More What is Lacrosse?

Five Ways to Develop Self- Empowered Athletes

By Brighde Dougherty, Founder and Coach, FLOW Self Empowerment  @flow_self_empowerment We are only as good to others as we are to ourselves. Not only is self-care not selfish, it’s paramount to your team’s success. We tend to acknowledge this point in regard to stick skills, tactics, film, exercise, nutrition, sometimes sleep and occasionally relaxation. However,… Read More Five Ways to Develop Self- Empowered Athletes

The Role of Parents

By Karin Corbett, Head Coach, University of Pennsylvania @PennWomensLax I have been coaching for many years and the level of parental involvement has changed drastically. Today, coaches coach at the college level for the same reasons they have always coached:  the love of the game, the chance to teach life lessons to young women as… Read More The Role of Parents

Growing Confidence

By Cindy Wilson, Head Coach, Millersville University  @VilleMauauders “On your best days you learn confidence. On your worst days you learn persistence. There is always something to learn.” One of my favorite things about sports, and more specifically, about lacrosse is that there is always room to grow and develop. X’s and O’s and wins… Read More Growing Confidence